Spade Project Aims

The project aims to contribute to increased sustainable agricultural production – improved food security, to employment in the public & private sector, a better business and policy climate and better performing male and female entrepreneurs by:

1 Increasing the academic and organizational capacities of Maseno University to deliver graduates and interdisciplinary research that contributes to gender sensitive and labour market responsive spatial planning in Great Western Kenya by:
  • Enhancing strategic planning and management capacities with specific attention to gender issues
  • Improving operational management, IT and infrastructural services
  • Developing and operationalizing a multi-stakeholder platform
  • Developing competence based curricula and innovative and interactive teaching capacity for GIS and spatial planning
  • Providing PhD and staff training and co-supervision
  • Developing capacity in Agri-business and value chain approaches at MUBI
  • Developing innovative research agendas

2 Enhancing Maseno University’s capacity to deliver tailor-made trainings and consultancy services to planning departments at county level in the operalization of town spatial plans and to entrepreneurs in the region’s agribusiness sector with a focus on catalysing agro chains and facilitating agri-business, agri-logistics and agro-processing including the development of Geodata portal.