Mentorship Programme

With the support of the SPADE project, MSU initiated a programme dubbed ‘brown bag lunches’ where female students from challenged backgrounds were able to interact with each other and discuss issues that inhibit their progress in achieving their educational goals.

The brown bag lunches focused on students from the SPADE project’s participating schools, namely- School of Planning and Architecture, School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Business and Economics and School of Agriculture and Food Security.

SPADE Mentorship Programme
SPADE Mentorship Programme

MSU students during a ‘speed dating’ activity with potential employers.

The ‘brown bag lunches’ programme also sought to promote positive masculinity and male students were every so often given opportunities to participate in the programme activities. Some of the successes include: 

A total of 30 students (15 female) were trained on entrepreneurship, of which three (two females and one male) were competitively selected to come on board, and their ideas incubated. 

Providing opportunities for students to be linked to mentors in the professional world e.g through the multi stakeholder platform, during the Lake Basin Innovation and Investment Week 2019, where activities were geared towards boosting their overall self-confidence and linking them with industry players and potential employers. 

Mentor Lillian Omondi (left), Mentee Joanne Onyango (right)

Mentor Lillian Omondi (left), Mentee Joanne Onyango (right).

The project facilitated the training of the gender expert within the project through a one-year mentorship training programme to build MSU’s capacity in mentorship.

SPADE Mentorships

MSU students involved in different activities during LBIIW 2019.